Did she actually eat that?

In short the answer is: No The #eeeeeats is filled with pictures of the most caloric, sugary, overwhelmingly enticing food pictures. Each picture is, undeniably, mouthwatering. Foodporn, if you will. But then we have to step back and ask… did someone ACTUALLY eat that?! No way that the bagel filled with mounds of peanut butter, bananas…

St.Louis Sundays- BBQ

Meet you in St. Louis you say? Why? Answer: BBQ FOOD! The mid-west has a reputation of being “the middle of no where.” St. Louis, more specifically, is rarely talked about besides for “Ferguson” or “the floods;” two events that are not indicative of how much St. Louis really has to offer. The food in St….

Sadelle’s vs. Russ & Daughters

Who does bagels and lox better Sadelle’s or Russ & Daughters? Did you know: Bagels were introduced to America in 1946 (later than I expected, poor people pre-1946…didn’t know what they were missing). Surprisingly, Bagels were introduced by a family in Larchmont NY, not New York City, the bagel capital of the world. While the bagel wasn’t introduced until the…

You’re so Vain

Levain cookies: Cookie or scone? Why are people so obsessed with taking pictures of the chocolate chip walnut cookie and nothing else? Levain has A LOT to offer and a lot to be “vain” about.