You’re so Vain

Is the Levain “cookie” really a cookie? Cookie: noun, a small sweet cake (yes), typically round(kinda), flat(definitely not!), and crisp(absolutely, positively no). Many desserts are abandoning their stereotypes these days, so why restrict this dessert to a single label and category? (Baked By Melissa calls their dessert “cupcakes,” but let’s be honest, I’m not so sure that a quarter-sized morsal of cake qualifies as a “cup” cake. Rather, it’s more like “half-a-shotglass cake”).  Levain cookies are notorious for their scone-like structure, their warm gooey inside, and their abundance of chocolate. What’s not to love? I am beyond obsessed with these cookie/scone hybrids. They have the perfect crispy outer layer, but their domed, scone-like shape allows for an almost raw, gooey interior. While I REALLY like Levain’s chocolate chip walnut cookie, I am not a big fan of their other flavors. Quite fankly, off the top of my head I couldn’t even tell you what other options are available other than oatmeal raisin (which really is not worth the calories). It should be mentioned, however, that

The most perfect Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Levain has many other amazing baked goods besides their iconic cookies. My personal favorite is the chocolate chip banana bread. This banana bread is just like your average ‘grandma’s
banana bread’ – simple and nothing but bananas and chocolate chips – the perfect recipe. Let’s face it, all those attempts to make hemp seed, almond flour, walnut, banana breads always fail. They’re good….if you’re dieting I guess, BUT they’re never as good as this perfect concoction made by Levain. This slice, or might I call it a quarter of a loaf, is undeniably better than any banana bread that either of my grandmothers have ever made. So, moral of the story: Get the banana bread for now and a few chocolate chip cookies to go (put some in your freezer and save them for one of those bad days that usually have you wishing for a cookie ~or bottle of wine~). I am a belevainer (nope doesn’t work like belieber) and I’m open to all other suggestions of other great baked goods that they make.


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