Did she actually eat that?

In short the answer is: No

The #eeeeeats is filled with pictures of the most caloric, sugary, overwhelmingly enticing food pictures. Each picture is, undeniably, mouthwatering. Foodporn, if you will. But then we have to step back and ask… did someone ACTUALLY eat that?! No way that the bagel filled with mounds of peanut butter, bananas and marshmallows is palatable, or what about the “burger” piled high with cheese, pickles, french fries, bacon, chips etc. how do you fit that in your mouth?! And finally, eggs– if you take 10 minutes photographing them, they’re cold and who likes cold eggs? While all of these #eeeeeats pictures seem so appetizing and consequently get the most likes, I think these foodtographers are letting their followers down when they use captions like “best bagel ever” because if they didn’t eat the food, then their critique is invalid.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.09.01 PM.png
Street Corn, covered in butter and parmesan it was AMAZING

Why has it become acceptable to throw out your food after you’ve photographed it?  I would love to say I’ve never partaken in such activities, but anything for a good food post right? No, I am ashamed of the few times I’ve done it. I truly do not believe it is okay to waste food just for one good photo. Beyond just wasting food, I don’t believe anyone should have to compromise their experience eating hot food in order to make sure the food looks perfect on camera. If I can’t enjoy it, why should anyone get to enjoy a picture of it. I try to take less than 5 minutes photographing the food that my friends or  I ordered. I also refuse to comment on the taste of something that I have not eaten.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.07.52 PM.png
S’mores root beer float from Fitz’s– Very overwhelming I couldn’t finish it

I am confused why some people become offended when I post a picture that I didn’t eat. Someone did eat it, but it just wasn’t me. My food instagram does not serve as my food journal. If it did it would be boring or I would be morbidly obese. I happen to be a relatively picky eater; I like plain food that is comforting (Bagels, Pizza, Pasta, and cookies are my favorite). I, like most people, indulge (maybe more frequently than I should), but I also enjoy eating healthy food that doesn’t always look so amazingly delicious even though it is.

My instagram’s main purpose is to help people find restaurants and dishes that they would like based on my review or even the review of people I am with. I am also a sucker for the restaurant experience, so while I don’t like complicated fancy food I do like the atmosphere and service, so I go even when the menu seems questionable (I usually end up trying something new and enjoying it!).

Just a side note: Being a Food instagrammer/critic is expensive both by the dollar (until they give you free food and thats an awesome perk!) and calorically.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.06.40 PM.png
Made the perfect ice cream donut for me @holycreamnyc

I love when my followers look through my instagram for suggestions because then I know I am doing something right. I also love when my followers comment on their feelings about the dish or their experience. The best, however, is when a follower tags a friend in efforts to entice them to go to a particular restaurant or bakery with them.

So while, it is true, I do not eat everything I post, I do, most of the time, post things that have been eaten. I pry myself on keeping my instagram honest; recently I posted a picture of my shrimp and “grits” with the question of how to make cauliflower grits more tasty, because mine were lacking taste despite looking delicious in the picture.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.57.39 PM.png
Best Mojito ever!- Stein Eriksen Lodge

Next time you decide to like a picture, really think about it. I would hate for followers to continue to support food bloggers lack of care for food. Food is not to be wasted for a good picture. As the common saying goes “there are kids starving in Africa” and right in your backyard. So, I don’t eat everything, but I also don’t just throw away food after I take a photo of it.

sometimes she eats my food 🙂


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