What to Send Your Best Friend

Ever sit at your computer for hours wondering what to send your best friend for his/her birthday, a tough break up, accepting a job offer, a school acceptance or really any other reason? I’d like to take the time to gab about it because, lets be honest, Baked by Melissa is getting old. Not exciting, boring really. (my favorite part is the bow). But lets start there.

Baked by Melissa (~$20 without shipping)


These bite sized treats are good, fun to pop in your mouth, but not very satisfying. I like that I can have several different flavors before I’ve had the equivalent calories of a big cupcake, however I am always unable to stop, so I end up eating too many “quarter-sized” cupcakes. I have yet to try their macaroons, but I doubt they are as good as Laduree (my favorite macaroons EVER). The best part of BBM is their beauty. They’re so fun looking that they’re perfect for the friend you want to send something too, but you really don’t care enough to spend more than 20 minutes dealing with it.

Jars By Dani (~$30 without shipping)

IMG_7552There has been a recent obsession with putting cakes in jars. I think its pure genius. Shipping a cake is nearly impossible. So, if you put it in a jar, it becomes easy to ship and it tastes just as good! While I think this is a great idea, I am not sure I love the cake in Jars by Dani, its more for the look than it is for the taste. Besides the colors being really vibrant and pretty my favorite part about receiving this gift was the my friend personalized it. Its not hard to do, so to make Jars more special for a birthday put pictures on it!

Edoughble (~$30 for a pack of 4)

IMG_7213Who doesn’t love buying a roll of cookie dough and eating it? One thing I always come into conflict with is whether or not I want sugar cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie dough or even oatmeal. Why have to decide? A perfect gift is an assortment of cookie dough! I have looked into ordering dó and it is so much more expensive omg. So next time you want to send a friend cookie dough look into edoughble.


Schmackary Cookies (~$25 before shipping)

IMG_3791.jpgYUM! Talk about amazing cookies. If you like cookies and like icing, and like sweets– these are the best! They also make a really good gift because they’re different than the typical cookie. Your friend will be so excited to see all the different flavors your $25 gets them. My favorite is the funfetti cookie! I have to admit though, I love their sch’mores and all their other exotic cookies, but their chocolate chip cookies is actually bomb. (dip it in milk its better than an oreo in milk… should be milk’s favorite cookie). These are out of this world really. Much more bang for your buck than Levain Cookies and they are very different than Gotham Cookies.


IMG_3811As far as cupcakes go. I suggest Sprinkles every time. I love love love their funfetti ( are you seeing the trend yet? ), but their signature red velvet is actually AMAZING! If you’re a chocolate person (even if you’re like me and you’re not really) the chocolate is even really good! I have never been a huge cupcake fan (birthday cakes and cookies are my thing) but these are worth it. I don’t even suggest making them into sandwiches by ripping off the bottom and sandwiching the frosting with it like I do with most cupcakes.  These cupcakes are great just the way they are AND you can personalize a message on your dozen cupcakes you send to your friend… just know they’re not the most economically friendly sweet gift.

Eleni’s Cookies

IMG_7473Beautiful cookies, easily personalized and tasty! I love sugar cookies with frosting, but besides the actual cookie, I think these are a special, and a well thought through gift! I really like Eleni’s cookies because they are so decorated they’re really a piece of art, however most people don’t realize they also make cupcakes! (they’re also really pretty)– side note: how cool were these Eleni’s cookies that were made especially for me for my 21st birthday. I am proud to say that my boyfriend knew the key to my heart… an instragrammable, and yet delicious birthday treat! 

I could go on and on about all the different things you could send your friends for their birthdays, but that would consist of way too many links and lets be honest you’d get bored of reading. So instead I found an amazing site for all of your friends b-day, break up, accomplishment etc. needs!


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