How my Full-Time Job Affected my Love for Food. Good Food.

When I first started my full-time job at a corporate company in the concrete jungle of midtown Manhattan I tried my hardest to keep up my “foodstagram” @letsgababoutfood.

I promised myself that every meal at my desk didn’t have to be boring. I relied on one of my favorite iPhone apps Postmates. I ordered the trending foods like By Chloe.  and Pokéworks just to keep my instagram relevant and keep my followers “in the know.” But then, the delivery charge and extra fees, like tips and taxes, added $10+ on to all of my meals– and it got too expensive. So ,what did I do?

I challenged myself to conquer my breakfast, lunch and dinner in creative ways. I put together extensive lists of local Bodegas, restaurants and juicers near my office and I would create multi-faceted meals by running around , picking up food on my way to work, bringing food that I picked up the night before and even the biggest trend “meal prep.” None of them did the job of satisfying my desire to dine.

No matter how hard I tried or how delicious my meal really was the pictures would never do it justice. The pictures were always taken at my cubicle, the vibrant food was bleached by the fluorescent lights that spanned the office and the keyboard and mouse were never seen as props– they were an ugly reminder of the inconvenience of having a full time job. So, I finally surrendered to the ever so prevalent “late gram”. I would squeeze as many restaurants, cafes, bakeries, etc. into my weekends and post all of the pictures sporadically through the week. Yes, you can imagine this became very expensive and with limited time, I couldn’t hit all of the places in New York City I wanted to.

Conclusion: my desk became my instagram’s grave. My soup and banana would never impress my followers and my lack of time after 12 hour days left me exhausted and unable to successfully write anything coherent.

Why am I telling this story? Well, tonight I missed a blogger event because I was stuck at my desk, but I’m tired of my desk being a means to an end. My passion for blogging about food will no longer be suppressed.

I am back and better than ever. Maybe I can’t make it to every restaurant, but I am relying on YOU all, my readers, fans and the best advisors I could ask for. From now on please email me restaurants, pictures and your personal reviews. Letsgababoutfood is going to be managed by me, but it is going to be a place to for all of YOU. Quotes, articles, pictures will be published by me written by YOU!

I am so excited for this new chapter where WE’ll be gabbing. So next time you’re at a restaurant, sitting on the couch after ordering in, standing in an hour line for cookie dō— GAB ABOUT IT! Send me an email don’t worry about if its written well or if you’re going to offend the restauranteur. I can’t wait to hear it and let it be heard!


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