Sunday Spotlight: Molly Fenner (NYC)

Sunday Spotlight: influenced by all of the amazing texts and direct messages I get asking about where to go for a meal, treat, drink etc in NYC. Truth is- I depend on all of my friends, family and followers to give me recommendations. Three years ago my goal for Let’s GAB about food was to have everyone gabbing. This is step one.

Molly and I met a few years ago through a mutual friend. We instantly friended each other on instagram- because thats what girls do- and ever since I always DM her about everything she posts from cheesy burgers to carbloaded brunches. YUM! I couldn’t help but to message her just last week asking where I should go to dinner haha. Molly’s suggestions inspired me to ask Molly if she could share 15 must go restaurants in NYC with my followers. Below are her responses in no particular order!

IMG_2347.jpg1.Don Angie: “Amazing, cheesy lasagna for two!”

Modern, Italian, American Cuisine ran by a couple Angie and Scott. Angie actually helped curate the opening menu for Quality Italian (ironically also on this list). Their story is really special and this restaurant is their dream. Molly highly recommends the octopus!



2. Old Rose: “BEST Bolognese in the city”

Located on the first floor of the Jane Hotel, Old Rose has breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant serves mostly italian (Pizza’s etc.). Molly suggests dinner especially the burrata and the Vodka Pizza. “It’s Delish!”



3.Suprema Provisions: “Cheesiest burger and was really good!”

First I have to mention- their instagram is absolutely drool worthy! “Inspired by salumerias of Rome, tapas bars of Spain and the sidewalk cafes of Paris.” How could that be bad? Small plates to share and great meat and cheese boards! Highly suggested for groups and truffle lovers.


IMG_00884. KITH: “Literally the best ice-cream in NYC for sure!”

KITH, in the heart of SOHO, is a fashion store, but happens to be home to amazing ice cream! Molly suggests the Carbone Black Chocolate Cake Ice cream. I have been to KITH, it is an experience. I love watching them scoop the ice cream, add the toppings and then blend them all in those machines.



5. Raviolo: “Small, cute place that has cool italian style dumplings, bao buns and burrata” 

The most creative, hip and inventive italian restaurant. Looking for somewhere cool to impress some friends? This seems like the place. They put just as much effort into their drinks as they do with their food. Molly suggests you get the Carbonara.



Parisi Baker: “You will not regret it” 

These guys have been around for over a century. Amazing cold cuts and some seriously amazing sandwiches. Molly orders the Dennis every time!




The Loyal: “AMAZING!” 

Known best for their pasta dishes and their over the top make your own ice cream sundae! The ambiance is also really nice!


IMG_1053.jpgShuka: “I loved the veggie Paella” 

From the same restaurant group as Cook Shop, Rosies, and Vic’s comes their newest restaurant Shuka. Great Mediterranean restaurant made for sharing plates. Molly suggests you try ALL of the dips. They’re really good!


Thursday Kitchen: “Love the adult capri suns!” IMG_5891..jpg

I have seen this place on social media too many times. I cannot believe I haven’t been yet. (maybe because I heard there are long waits). Korean Food that has incredible tapas and great truffle mac! (Not sure how that is Korean, but if Molly suggests it I trust it.) 


Sweet Chick: “Chicken and Waffles to talk about!” IMG_5619..jpg

Like chicken and waffles? They have them in so many combinations. Molly ordered the Gerenal Tso’s chicken with a rosemary and potato waffle. Did you even know that combination was possible?!


Cote Korean Steakhouse: “Butcher’s feast or nothing” Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 6.52.04 PM.png

I agree 100% with Molly on this one. Cote is my favorite new restaurant. I actually stumbled into the Korean BBQ steakhouse on their second night open. The ambiance is so nice and the food is even better. The butchers fest includes some of the best meat and sides as well as a caramel covered ice cream for dessert!

Quality Italian: “The best!” IMG_2452.

All Quality restaurants are great, but Italian is  Molly and my favorite! The Chicken Parm pizza is out of this world and beyond unique. You cannot go and not order it. Again, this is a good restaurant for groups.

IMG_1245..jpgFive Napkin Burger: “Classic” 

Like most burger places, five napkin is easy and delicious. Several locations make it so there usually isn’t a wait. The classic “five-napkin burger” is the best. “They have the yummiest rosemary aoli.”



Pig Bleecker: “GREAT burger” 

BBQ restaurant focused on innovating the typical bbq dishes. Molly says their burgers are incredible. Their menu, however is very lengthy, from mini hot dogs, to pasta, to that truffle burger. This seems like the best place for you and all your friends.


IMG_1809.Union Fare: “Weekends, Brunch- Weekdays food hall” 

Union Fare, is absolutely one of my go to places. Their menus are great when you go to any meal with picky people. You think it, they probably have it. During the weekends Molly suggests you get the pastry basket. Which makes sense, because they are very famous for those stuffed birthday croissants. On the week days the dinner, french fry sampler is my GO TO!

Thank you so much for reading! If you like Molly’s style follow her @mfenner415.

If you want to be featured on a “Sunday Spotlight” please email me Any city can be featured!





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