COOKIES are the cure to Mondays

How to make Monday Blues go away? Cookies!

I have always been obsessed with cookies, but NYC has heightened my love for cookies that much more! Not only can I take a subway or walk to amazing cookie spots all over, but with the help of seamless, UberEATs and Postmates I can now order in almost all of my favorite cookies! Sidenote: this is a clutch list when considering what to get bae for Valentine’s Day! (Even if bae is your roommate or better yet how about showing yourself some love this year!) Below are my 10 favorite cookie spots/places to order!

City Cakes: Half-Pound Cookies!IMG_6556

TOP SECRET! Ask for some frosting and sprinkles on top of that very large, but typical, chocolate chip cookie to give it the best, most delicious, incredible bite!

Shmackary: Diversity!IMG_6546

All around deeeelicious! I love all of the different flavors. Really fun to eat!

Levain: Scone Cookie Hybrid!IMG_6545

As much as I want to hate these cookies because there is ALWAYS a line and ordering online is expensive- these scone cookie hybrids are to die for. Somehow the chocolate is still melted on the inside while the outside is somewhat well done.

Zola Bakes: Rainbow cookies!IMG_6541

Hands down my favorite rainbow cookies. Unfortunately there is no storefront for these amazing rainbow cookies, but their packaging travels really well when you order online! I highly advise you get the assorted pack.

William Greenberg: Black and White Cookie award!IMG_6559

The traditional, go to, and my favorite black and white mini cookies. I can eat a dozen in one sitting! I actually really only like the white side so I eat the ones with all white, but half is a pretty color!

The Smith:Chocolate Chip!  IMG_6555

Who knew their fries weren’t the only amazing food they had! Their massive chocolate chip cookies are crunchy and delicious! Get them!!! Dip them in milk

Besfren: Chocolate Chocolate Chip!  IMG_6558.jpg

The double double chocolate! OMG! So indulgent and always given to you warm so the chocolate melts perfectly when you take that first bite!

Laduree: Pretty Macaroons!  IMG_6557

Need I say more? These macaroons are my hands down favorite. I first tried them in Paris and may I say they’re just as good in NY.

Breads bakery: RugelachIMG_6542

The babka isn’t the only thing they’re good at! I recently tried their rugelach! OMG!

Summer House Santa Monica (Chicago ONLY!) IMG_6543.jpg

I just have to give them a shoutout. You cant really get these cookies besides flying to Chicago (or maybe their DC location) BUT they have a chocolate chip cookie that has rice krispies on it!!! Its salty, sweet and buttery all at the same time. I am OBSESSED and wish someone would send me them!


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