The camera phone has enabled the world to capture a picture whenever, and wherever at the touch of a button. I was not the first to start taking pictures of my food, and I can assure you I will not be the last. I can’t help that I want to savor every inch of my meal, reminisce about each bite and appreciate my full experience. Since I was young I’ve always appreciated meals, but not just because I was hungry. To be quite frank I’m not sure I really know what hungry is, but I do know that I liked the before, during and after every meal. As I got older I realized that the atmosphere, the company and, now that I’m legal, the drinks all affect how the food tastes and how you remember it.


LetsGababoutfood on instagram was started, thanks to my friends and family, because my personal account lacked “quality” pictures of me and only starred what I had eaten. It got so bad that my grandma, yes she’s a hip grandma with an instagram, told me “Gabrielle the only way I know you’re enjoying college is by seeing all of the dinners, brunches and desserts you’re going to, and I’m assuming you’re not eating that all alone… ARE YOU!?” When I told her sometimes I ordered a few dishes… well she questioned my social life LOL. Point is as I posted more, my friends would come up to me and tell me when they were in NY they looked to my instagram for restaurant, bakery and ice cream suggestions this was my EUREKA moment!

It is SO FRUSTRATING to search through your friend’s instagrams for the chicken parm pizza place or the cookie that looked more like a scone (you know what I’m talking about…Levain) . Why not have a place where you can ask where to go and your friends, or friends of friends… of friends can answer you, share their pictures and to put it simply gababoutfood. While I will be the one to open most conversations I hope you join in, lets make post-graduation “real” world easier and filled with the best food!

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